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Friday, June 16, 2006
LOL today i wake up earily to watch cartoon well is sunday LOL so i think I watch anime all day but so early of sayyyy 9 in morn phone ring is my boy Thomas a.k.a. "slim tom" he tell me there is this ho name Sue who is from Australia staying hear for summer and he say he want to fuck her since is his day off LOL welll he learn she going to church on morn 10 am and he want me go help him bang her out i say ok but i beter get some pussy too LOL he say i promis after im done i make the bitch suck you penis Laugh-On-Line so we get to the church and see her, she is ok looking but she got this banging friend name Lee she is so hot (or so I think) well we sit in the booth right behind them LOL as soon as preacher start talking, slim tom start kickin it, he put on all this tommy callone (smells banging) and lean over church booth says "whats up bitches" they play hard-2-get but thomas is a wizard with the ladys so he lean up and start licking the back of her neck, she turn around and say "why you do this, you stop" he like "bitch why we no leave here and go fuck?" well they try to ignore us, so i lean over and grab her breast and scream so loud "TUNE IN TOKYO" she turn round and try to slap me in face but she miss and hit this old bag next to me like 80 year old Laugh On Line then i say thomas watch this, i pull out my hard dick right in church and i rub on her friend Lee's face, i say "oh please suck it" well Lee turn around and punch me in my arm LOL well funny thing is lee turned out to be a man LOL i swear i thought was a ho, i say oh fuck does this mean im gay LOL well some ass hole come over tell us all leave, me "eddie", thomas, sue and lee and even that old bitch get kick out, she say to me "you are a horrible young man, you will burn in hell for doing this in a church" i tell her shut in a fuck up i just here to get some pussy you dumb bitch LOL well Lee say he want to fight us and sue (the australian ho) start crying, it was hilarious, Slim Tom punch that guy in his eye and nock him out LOL then he say "so you want go some wear and fuck me and my boy ho?" she say "i wish i never come to america, you are all so fuck up hear" Laugh On Line sooo we never did fuck her, i tell thomas there only 2 ways to get a girl - roofies or push them into a van LOL sike i do get a lot of pusy for reel but Australian ho's just aint about fucking, maybe they all lesbians LOL LOL sike!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Holla whats up ladys, im justc hillin, well today /me and my boy thomas, a.k.a "slim tom" we score so big lol see slim tom work at a movie theter and he is man who take cash and give ticket wellll thomas call tell me his boss no in today so thomas in charge, i start singing the charles in charge song like "slimmmm tom in charge of our day anf or night" lol we was bagging up then he tell me come down chill so i got my mother to drop me off lol ok i get thereand just him and this fly ho colleen, she got a new jersery acent and big tittys lol I say yo i be in charge snacks i start eating free nachos, ice tee. couple box candy lol then i fill my bookbag with candy lol wellll colleen come over say thomas i find this wallet he say ok i take care of, then she walk he say yo chewck this out there like $50 bux $cash$ in hear lol i say lets go to atlandic city lol he like well lets just go to ruby tuesdays lol so he say colleen you did great job i return that wallet to owner and for be so good i promote you to maniger for day, she so happy with no idea we pocket the $loot lol so we go there and he say get any food you want so for 9 doller you get all salad bar you can eat plus broccli soup lol waitres was bangin she said i get you guys a drink, thomas say yeah 2 brandys she say you got ID he said yeah and hand her a $10 bill lol lol he say mr jackson says i can have a drink she say hehe ok well lol im 16 but i look about 21 so was no problem when i got drink tom said "you got served" like in the movie we was bagging up so hard soooo i fill my plate with grapes and cottage cheese, i drink my brandy so fast and get another, then waitres say you guys need anything i grab her tit and say yes how about some breast milk skank lol lol LAUGH ON LINE yo was so funny then maniger come to table he say "is a problem" i point to cottage cheese and said yyeah i found this white stuff on my plate what kind of business you runing hear, this looks like cum, he say are you guys even 21 show me id i said ok ill go get it and me and thomas run out the door with him watching lol then slim tom tripped over a bike rack and just started barfing lol it was hilarious lol then we got in his car he say yo i to drunk to drive so i say ok i drive, well i only drank 4 brandys so i was not to bad lol then i drive his car and crash it right into side of a BMW i say oh fuck should i leave a note lol then we look at each other say "nooooo" LOL well we finelly did get home but i puked all over his stearing wheel and on his lap lol funny thing is we run up like a 50 dollar check at dinnar then we no even pay so we got all this loot left, he say oooh what we do tomorow i say call off work and lets go bet on ponys LOL sike we will probibly just buy hookers

Monday, June 12, 2006
whats up to all the fine bitchs checking out my pix lol yo you never beleve this, wear I live Penslyvania is FLOODING like a spammer in IRC lol for reel is rain and flood all place sooo we have black outs of electric, not in my home no flood yet but we must be prepare, so my mother say to me for go to grocery store and get family some candle plus foods if our electric go out. she give me $25 and I say I will borow car yes? she say no you to stupid to drive she make me so piss off sometime anyway I do the walk and get stuff in my cart, candle, bread, ice crem for me, jar of honey, poppy seeds, you no just regular stuff but then i find coolist thing EVER ---is called U-Scan, see you scan your own items in line then pay into a computar... I say a computar, well a master hacker of me can hack this and get free grocery!!!1 Well you suposed to scan each item barcode yes, but I just pretended to lol scan it, see i flip each thing wrong way so doesnt scan then i put in bag. well to make it look like for reel i scaned the candles LOL LOL well then i paid and this jack-ass come over to me he say "you steal them foods you little bitch boy" i say what in a fuck are you talk about "I PAID ASS MAN" welllll lol he say let me see you receipt, then he say ok you got 15 items and only cost $1.50? I say I use coupons ball sucker, he tell me stay here I go get the manager then we call police, I say Im not going back to jail for YOU or any one you nut sucking bandit and I grab my bags and run out door, well mother gave me $25 and i used the pay money in my change so I went to drug store and buy 4 bottles of lotion to jack off to of camgirls LOL well that cost about $10 so i have 15 left lol today my mommakemashpotatoefordinnerand FUCK MY SPACE BAR KEEP STICKING lol i saying mother cook mash poatoes for dinner and i took a bowl of them still warm in bathroom and shove my penis into them and fuck then i cum on them and they look like butter LOL LOL LOL then i fed them to my litle brother lol and he ate them lol lol he is so fucked up, I learn to fuck my food in jail, yo I going hook my webcam up again, if anybody want a pic of my cock i will exchange for mountain dew points, i saving to buy a mountain dew ear ring lol

Saturday, June 10, 2006
Whats up dudes yo this is so strange i just got my computar back i totaly forget i even have this webpage lol dammm lol well i was work at pizza hut lol i was work one day this no lie, i was in store all by myself wellll I cook myself so many free pizza lol and then i think hmmmm what else can i help myself to lol "cash register" so I look and find just hundreds of i took them. i figure "who will no?" i not take all i leave like $4 but i take like $500 lol next thing I no these pigs come and blow my house down. I get lock up in juv hall for hmmm how long let me think, ok till last week lol lol well my father had take my hacker station "computer" but i just get back i like hell yes my website yo when I was in the bighouse was so funny i was jack off like 8 time per day one night i had a grill cheese sandwich i stick my penis into it and strate up fuck my dinner Laugh On Line yo guard catch me and tell all yo they think i was so fly in there. I just go to library today they play TEEN CHEESS NIGHT so I like ok i play a game, I play this girl she was so bangin sooo she capture my queen, I say hey you want to see my bishop, she like what you mean, both bishops still on board? so i pull my cock out and say this is bishop #3 why you no suck it, then I try to shove it in the dumb ho mouth lol she nock off all pieces of chess so i say ok i auto win "default" lol well of corse i am one who get kicked out of library even though she was equal to blame anyway so there is going to be harry potter movie showing at library out this is so great i am going to dress up in costoom. my boy thomas get job in movie theatr so i gone get him to sneak me in "for free" lol HOLLA all bitches right to me i so glad to be back on web, meet me in IRC undernet holla - ONE LOVE!!!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dudes I told you Im a hacker look what I make lol.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Whats up lol good news all /me got a new jobby job LOL at pizza hut with my boy Thomas lol Thomas no this ho work there amy she say she can get us jobs so I say Im delivar pizzas so I be catch all the bitchs in there pajamas and tittys hanging out lol, Thomas say he gone be the manager. we get there and the dude say you both start today if you can we like hell yes but I tell him you got fix my van "you pay" lol but it sucks (I think then) he say you take phone ordars Thomas he cook pizzas but at first just cut them anyway this guy call and I get phone and he say I pay weith credit card I like ok what ever, then dude tell me his card number PLUS x-paratin date lol I write it down since I not no how to enter it. I say Thomas I got a credit card he say dude we need to buy our self stuff lol sooo after work we come my home and order all this stuff on inter-web "free" lol I order 10 porn dvd and new webcam, I gone buy cam girls thing off wish list to, hope get sexy pix lol yo I try to chat at this shorty Karyn Lee I was gone hook her up since she so fly. She was like fuck you dont im me you a loser, sooo ok I guess she no want to see Conan lol when I get this new cam for reel Im gone take pix of my cock lol just ask me if you want see it. I want steel bunch of credit cards and go to Best Buy but how without card just didgits, well I get idea,,,, go on web buy gift card then take it to store and buynew Everquest, webcam, digitil camra stuff like this lol yo this new job is so fat, any cam girls want a new sugar daddy? lol HOLLA

yo I fill this thing out and look what it say lol this guy is a idiot lol

what do they really think of you
lj name
your best friend thinksyou need a good slapping
your family thinksyou have AIDS
strangers thinkyou smell of piss
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Saturday, June 03, 2006
Today /me and my boy Thomas went to mall to pick up hos lol yo my van just stop drive I have not idea why lol but we got van parked in "secret spot" lol yo this was so scary, saturday night I was drive, Thomas do shot gun lol we was bumping LLCOOLJ "mama said nock you out" was so dope lol out of no place we see all these pigs flasking lights on cars we like oooh wtf lol yo for reel I think i was go to jail lol cop come to window and say "where you go to" i tell him we just cruisin lookin for ladys lol turns out was a alcohol stop yo that dum pig not even ask my license lol good thing since I no have one lol lol anyway me and my boy THomas today we was at mall there was so many fly honeys I was geting ready to mack this one ho and Thomas say ooh i want a pretzel at auntie anns lol I like chill Thomas I say to these shortys "yo baby girl" they was smile this one girl like yo whats up with you boy I look Thomas is in the fountain steal change lol he say oooh I find a quarter I say dude stop lol so was telling these hos about the new Lord of theRings movie I like for reel Gollum gets killed in end then Thomas show up eating a pretzel with crem all over his face lol he was bagging me up but the bitchs leave anyway we put on our war outfits and get paint balls from trunk and play Everquest at the mall lol yo Im for reel Thomas shoot at me but paintball hit a car and this alarm went off it was the funnyest thing I ever seen lol we was going to shoot paintballs in mall but thomas say if they see guns they think we terrorests lol yo I need that comp back in my room to jack off at cams this sucks last night I had to jack off to swimsuit pix in People magazine lol if any of you shortys will help me out email me your pic "in pajamas" lol

my war outfit to play Reel Life Everquest lol

Friday, June 02, 2006
whats up dudes yo I so glad to be back on the inter web lol my hole summar vaycatshin sucks lol well let me say of why I no online, and to all my friends in IRC yo I mised you all lol ok hear is what happen. so we was in subway, me and my boy Thomas and he invited mad heads lol Thomas made flyers that say come to subway free food free party lol. we was trying to get some bitchs to strate up fuck LOL LOL Laugh On Line well before we no it 20 peeps come in then more I was like ooooh yes so me and Thomas took our shirt and pants off lol and stand by door in our under pants well these fly hos was all on my jock lol like yo whats up I say to one bitch baby girl can i eat that pussy? i tell her i want nothing back just to eat her puss she like sure, I was so happy, well true she was drunk lol but I no care, we was give out free sodas and we was puting roofies into them, this is pills that make a bitch want to fuck, my boy Thomas got them off his boy T-Bone lol anyway when that bitch say I can eat herpussy I say ok let me do my "victory dance" lol I pull off my unders and run out side all nude and yell "I gone get some pussy" dude for reel out of no place 2 cops "pigs" roll on us and grab me, push me on ground, I yell what in a fuck, get me off this my party, the cops go in subway and arest some peeps and some kick free. I like dude no i was going get to eat pussy he say put on you cloth wait in cop car. well they lock me up in cop van and 4 others but Thomas run away lol They called the manager of Subway and now he press charges on me. cop said what do they call you? I tell him well all the ladys call me "mack daddy" lol I gave him fake name, no want him no call me Buff Daddy lol lol anyway. Soon my Father is in police station and he say will not bail out me so I get locked up in this place. Was not jail since Im 16 lol but much like it-- it sucks so much, ok to answer you question no i did not get rape LOL but I just get home tonight. Had to see a judge and have to do more community service. I am not supose be on inter web now but I had to check my email and tell all me friends what happen, I type this fast so ignore spell mistakes lol I fix it later, dude I was so close to eat that bitchs pussy, wish I asked her name LOL.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Hay dudes first let me say you playa haters need to stop sign my guest book, Im no laugh at it. Im just try to mack your girl lol you just make youself look stuped. So sorry I no write a few days, I get grounded off the interweb for spend all my collage loot LOL if you no no what I mean, read last entry. Dudes is fat, I still have my van!!! Me and my boy Thomas been parking it behind this abandin where-house and I still no have driver license lol Welll good news lol me and my boy Thomas went to Subway "sandwich store" and we order sandwitchs lol this dude at the counter say you guys want a job? I say dammm for reel? He say I need you to start today so I can go to a party and us work New Year Eve I say dude sure lol this is so fat he give us each $20 cash and free sandwitch if we start today he say you have pratice do this? I say yes just leave us hear lol he say you is now a "sandwitch artist" lol I say whatever just leave. This was dopew e had the hole store to just us Thomas put in Jay-Z in the radio and turn it up so loud and he took his shirt off (for all the bitchs) lol dude, we was not hear even 1 hour when 3 FLY ladys walk in we was like whats up they was checking us out so hard lol this one was like I want sandwitch and my boy Thomas write down what they want then we say sit down we get them redyfor you lol dude I pull out my hard dick and rub it on each roll Thomas was bagging up I like oooh yes eat my dick lol when Thomas was make I rub my nuts all over rolls and a drop of sperm squirt out lol Thomas was like"sick dude" lol I wipe it on the bread. Then we give to the girls they try to pay we like on the house if you shoiw us you tits lol they was like NO but we just give for free lol I do the funnyest thing I find all letters for outside sign and change what say and I write "all your base are belong to us" lol lol from game Zero Wing lol he take pic of me under it, I post it then Thomas learn how to open cash register he come up to me and say you want $100$ and pull all this loot out I say where you get he say I rob subway lol I say dude come on just take some we get cought lol so we each took "little $" and plus we eat all the cookies in store Thomas say tomorow he invite his sister to work and her girls and we have orgy in subway, im gone shove a cucumber in Jens pussy lol sike Im gone play Everquest with my niger Thomas now anyone wanna play with Bilbo Baggins the gnome? lol lol

Sunday, May 28, 2006
Dudes this is so dope, my grand parents send me and my brother $100$ doller EACH for summer cloths! well Father tell me I must put it in bank, and he give me the bank card to my account, so my boy Thomas take his mother car and we go to bank. I talk to woman there and I learn I have more than $5000$ in bank all for me. I not an idea where it comes from but I say well can I have it all? She say sure is yours but you must keep in $100$ I say no problem hear is my $100$ from grand parents. Next thing I no she hands me five thousand dollars in cash!!!! This is most lucky day in my life. I think my parents not even no is in bank lol I ask Thomas can you bring me to buy a car? He say he read if you have a van is easy to push a bitch into car and fuck her with no body even no, then just push her out when you done lol I say dude this is dope lets do this. So we go to this used car place and ask for van, this guy say I got perfect van. Is so fly, is black with green seats and a bed in back, even has a disco ball hang on ceiling lol. He say $3,000$ I say I pay in cash, he say in that case I give you a free CB radio, I say can I get 2 CB he say sure! So we hook one up in my van and in Thomas car and we can talk at each other when drive. Only problem I not have a driver license lol lol but who care? I say lets drive to mall and push a dum bitch into van and fuck her lol so we go to mall. WE walk around and we find the dopest bling bling, I get this big necklace with dollar $ on it for $200 and I buy Thomas one to. Then we buy these war outfits so we can play reel life Everquest. This one bitch was so fly we say yo you wanna go for a ride in a van lol, we was going to fuck her but no tell her but she would no come. Thomas say dude you need a sistem in van so we go to best buy get a fly sistem, speekers and a kicker box then they install them, that was $1000$ so I still have about $500$ since we also go out to eat at Ruby Tuesday salad bar lol so I drive home with this loud banging radio in my van play Jay Z "h to the izzo" lol and me and Thomas talk on CB and Father was in front yard plants his garden lol He see me drive in, I do "raise the roof" and he start scream "where you get a van" I say chill out Pa Dukes lol I in-hairit 5 G's from bank he say no no that was your collage saves money I say oh I no care, I no go to collage! He so mad, he say I can no keep van, but I tell Thomas to drive it and park it "hide it" then we get that dum bitch from Game Stop and fuck her right in her pussy laugh on line. Thomas is nasty he say he going to fuck her in ass lol lol I say as long as she no tell who cares? LOL LOL

Friday, May 26, 2006
Hay good news all, my Father talk to police about me pull my hard dick out on that dum bitch at Game Stop and they will "drop charge" but I must do comunity serves. I say ok whatever so I not even no what this mean. Wellll is not good, some peeps must go to work for old fucks in old home say change they diapers lol but I get lucky lol I get a job at da mall "cool" welll so I think at first, butt turns out I have to be an elf for Santa I like ok no thank I not do this, but the man say choose this or wipe a old mans ass clean I like fine lol so they take me in this room tell me put on this elf cloth lol it was this green tights and pink shirt with jingles bells lol I like ooooh man no, but I dress in this. My job is get kid and bring him to Santa well there also this hottt bitch was elf, her job is take pix of kids. I say to her whats up Im Buff Daddy what do you do wrong to get hear lol She say her name was Suzie she like just do you job lol. It was easy, I take the kid up to Santa and then stand next to him in picture and then walk kid to exit. Suzie is so banging why kids was talking at Santa I was like yo girl you want a reel man, you want to fuck lol she was like shut up kids are around I say aaah who care lol Anyway I was stare at her boobs and her nipples were poke out lol it was soooo hot next thing I no she run over and is smacking me I like chill baby girl she say you have a hard on, I look and say yes so I do lol she say I just take you pic with that kid and your hard on shows in pic I say dammm lol Then they kick me off job, say just go home. My boy Thomas pick me up in his mother car. I was so mad about this. We are going to beat that bitch ass from Game Stop. The other day we cut her tire with a knife lol Thomas and me are going to get her after work one day and fuck her lol stuped bitch. I can no believe she make me dress as a fucking elf lol I need to play Everquest and chill

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Hay dudes what up Buff Daddy here well lol sorry to report I have more embarasing news lol. I hate to say stuf like this because I no so many fine ladys read this but lol my boy Thomas insist I put this up here, ok for christmis time my family have holiday party at home, ok #1 we no even christin we born in Japan but my Father say well you live in usa must act it, sooo lol lots of people come to our house, a few family Father work at plus naybors peeps like this. well we all eat and I am vagtarin so I eat so many beans they were banging lol plus all family bring food so I eat so much I feel tired so I sit in tv room watch Lord of the Rings on DVD "love it" but I fall asleep lol so all people come in this room and watch some movie call My Wonderfull Life and are quiet and while I do the sleep not even no this - I break the wind. They say was reel loud, dammm I wake up right away and say hehehe glad nobody was hear, turn around all familys see me. I feel so ashame. Father take me in kitchen and slap me in face and say from now on as you punishment you must shove a tissue in your butt hole when you sleep, Father calls it a "Bunny Tail", because it look like a rabbit fluffy tail hang out of my butt hole. So I go back in room and this man say oh Eddie hope you no cut a cheese again and all laugh, I say man fuck joo and Father get so mad, he take me in bathroom and push my face in toilet water "gross" well I have to ware the bunny tail every night before bed for one month as my punishmint. This suck I am a grown man, I should no have shove tissue in my ass. I tell my boy Thomas of this and he was bagging up now my nick name is Bunny Tails. Land of a free indeed lol my ass is so sore now

Sunday, May 21, 2006
Whats up to all the fly bitchs, today was so fat, me and my boy Thomas went to the library to see the #1 movie of all times Lord Of The Rings - Return Of The King!!!! WEll we tried to get some bitches to go with us but all ones we asked said no lol so Thomas say well we just pick some up at the library but we couldnt find any so we did best trick, we look around movie room and we find 2 fly bitchs sit by them selfs, sooo lol we just sit right next to them. I say whats up bitchs Im Buff Daddy this my niger Slim Thomas lol they were shy at first then I put my arm around one and was like whats up baby girl, well they got up and moved lol but we followed them. Anyway lol that movie is so fat dudes is 4 hours long! The ladys left after say 2 hours but me and Thomas stayed in it all, it sucks, Gollum gets killed in the end, see what hapen is Frodo who is main Hobbit was try to steal ring from Gollom an fight him, then they both fall off mountain of doom, but Frodo grab on to edge of cliff and Gollom fell and died I stood up and yell nooooo, dude that sucks gollum is the best in Lord of the rings!!!! during the movie /me and my boy Thomas were have an argument on what lol means lol I say it means laugh-on-line but he say it mean lots-of-laughs he is such a internet newbie lol

Friday, May 19, 2006
First off let /me say stop playa hating me to all the ass holes sign in my guestbook. dont hate me that you girl like me better then you lol! anyway today was fat, me and my boy Thomas go to open mike rap contest tonight. Welll after school we went to Barnes and Nobel to work on our raps, I am one rhyme and "Slim Tom" beat box and he bring his turn table. It this old record playa from say 20 year ago lol he steal it from Good-Will donations lol. He had 3 records: ok they suck but we use them to "scratch", they are Berry Menalow, Lover Boy and this funny ass song band call the spinners its all like could it beee im fall into love lol lol Thomas was going scratch all records why I rap. Well this is realy my #1 year to have Christmis, so Thomas say we be each other secret santa. It was fat I get him a new paint ball gun and he bought me video game Warcraft!!! dude it is fat I play it at Thomas home and he kick ass in it, is all like smells like... VICTORY! Is so dope!! So we go to this coughy store and they like we have own DJ you just rap, we like can we just hook up this record player. the DJ was like dude where the hell you get this, but he think it cool we bring it so he like yes go on do you thing. But he say hook it up and we have to go on first, we like hay that is best then all bitchs see us. there is flyyyy hos hear, I mean so hot I had hardist dick lol this bitch was like yo you got a bonner? cuz it was show in my khakis I like ooh baby girl watch us rap she was like hell yeh I gotta see. So we go on first and was so many see us, the DJ say here is Buff Daddy and Slim Tom, I turn around and high 5 Thomas lol the crowd was watch ok Slim Tom put on Lover Boy and it go "lovin every minite of it" chicka chicka.... I grab mike and go "All the bitches, come to see / slim tom and this niger Buff Dad-dy / We eat pussy we the best / we eat it during Ever-quest" then Thomas like chicka chicka "lovin every minute of it" it was fat!!! Then I just free stile, but then DJ like ok one more, Thomas play "could it be Im fall in love" I was like "I love, I love, to chow down on pussssy!" Then slim tom play out of no where "oooh mandy" by Berry Menalow and I was doing "raise the roof" saying "wave your hands in the air, wave like you just dont care" that DJ was bagging up, he shake our hands and say to crowd "these guys got huge balls give them props" then slim tom grab mike and yell HOLLA it was fat! we try to wait around for some pussy but my mom picked us up early, she like you got home work I like Mother please I am grown man and is friday lol oooh well, after tonight we gonna get so much pussy lol HOLLA!!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006
whats up all ,ok today in school all I was do is dream of get home to play Everquest and here is why- this hottt bitch in school name Stephany say she plays Everquest and I over here her so I say wanna play with Bilbo Baggins the gnome "me" lol she say sure lets play online today so I am so happy all day. wellll I get home and my mother say Dukuku you father want speak at you, I say ok what ever just after 2 games of Everquest will only take 6 hours, she scream NO NOW, I say oook so I say Father what you want. He so mad and say in mail today we get letter saying I have to go at court for show my hard dick to a stupid bitch at Game Stop this store that sell video game I like whaaaat that was for reel? He say yes and plus he talk to the police and this officer tell him the girl also want to take me at civil court for sexual harassmint? please, what a stupid ho, the charge is somthing call "disorder conduck" I say ok I go to Game Stop and talk about this to her but he say NO STAY AWAY of her. SO I call my boy Thomas and tell him this, he like lets go talk to this bitch. I like ok I just ask her to drop charge and all is fine yes? We walk in and I say "whats up bitch" to her and she start scream like oooh you get out I am call police on you, but Thomas do best trick on her. He say just come out side 5 minutes we want to give you lot of money to fix this and she say ok, well we go out and he like lets talk in your car, so we go to her car and she like you not getting in, where my money is, and Thomas pull out his dads gun and tell her bitch you drop charge or we kill you ass and she run in store. I like dude now you get her mad Thomas say so what, now I no which car is hers and he take out a key and scratch all on her car, then i take key and scratch in word "suck it ho" lol we were bagging up. when I come on inter-web Stephany not even on dammmm oh well laugh on line

Sunday, May 14, 2006
Today suck, most mayger embarising thing happen at me today. my mom say we go summer cloths shop at Mall, well I like nooo mom this suck I want stay home and play Everquest on internet lol but she say NO Dekuku you must have to go I say dammm oh well lol so I have to wear a suit and tie since we get family picture take at JC penny, I post it if you want see lol I say funnyst thing today at Mall.. I was like more like Jay-Z Penny lol because I listen to my Jay-Z tape in my Walk-Man "love it" lol soooo anyway this hottt bitch was take our picture ok dude she have short dress on and shiirt see her tummy in I like BOING lol I get hard dick but can no pick her up with family here lol so she take our picture and we wait in store and get to see picture right today "cool" so I am play new video games, I play game cube Lue-wee-gee manshon he all like "mar-eeee-oh" lol I was bagging up, anyway my father yell at me Dukuku get in here and he say look at picture, with girl right there and I say oook what! In this picture you can see my hard dick pop from my khakis and the girl is like "you want I should take pic again" and father say- tell woman you are sorry for making her see you hard dick I like what in a fuck! you no have to say it in front of her. so we have get pic take again and family pose and girl bring me to side, this no joke and she say to my ear "dont be embaras it is normal I think is cute" I like oooh fuck yes she love my hard dick, I not even notice I sperm right into my pants. so she take picture again and second time I have big sperm stain "still wet" on pants. my mother say you get water on pants and touch it and it sticky she like WHAT THIS I like MOTHER NO TOUCH THIS IS PRIVATE lol I say to the girl "you think this is cute to" she like no this just sick and have take picture #3 time, this time with old dude, lol #3 time the charm lol oooh well my lil bro like- Dukuku you love get hard dick I say to him you shut up bitch lol at least I got pubic hares lol what a day!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Today is day I have waited for of so long. It was Harry Potter day at library by my home. They have big party where we all talk of Harry Potter book called Order of Pheonix. Its about Harry's #5 year at Hogwarts wizard school. My one friend at school say I am expert at Harry Potter because I see the movie, I tell him you stupid ass hole I read every Harry Potter book plus I met JK Rowling at book signing so kiss my balls laugh on line. Anyway lol at library every person there is dressed as you favorite charter out of the book lol and I dress like, who else but the #1 master, Harry Potter himself lol. This bitch I never see before today she look so hot and dressed as Hermione which is Harry Potters girl friend. So I say to her I am wondering, do YOU have a "hairy" potter she say what are you mean i say well is you pussy hairy or shave lol, she like leave me alone. Then I walk up at her and grab her boob so hard and say I cast spell of lust on you, now you must fuck me lol well she no I am joke with her but I still get kick out of library, dammm I am so pissed off. My friend Thomas leave with me to and we hang out at Barnes and Nobel at mall try to pick up bitches there lol. I have this far read every book in Harry Potter collection they are so fat!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006
today me and my boy Thomas, he call himself "Slim Tom" we find dopest flyer for open mike rap contest for coming NEXT FRIDAY!!! It say like show up and show off you skillz lol soooo we 2 are gonna enter this and "win" lol. I am one who raps but Thomas do beat box and has turn tables, he steal them from Good-Will donations bin lol. I am in progres of write some dope rhymes lol well let me give you little taste of my flavors: check it out ladys, here my rhyme / i love to rap, alll the time / i kick dope beats, i love the dance / my balls so big I cant zip my pants / my boy slim tom, and he got game / ba ba buff daddy this is my name / after raps we get $paid$ / and after tonight we hope we get laid / lol welll we still working on it but we got till friday lol We gonna get so many pussy lol. WEll tonight was great after I get home from schol there was pizza with pine-apples, "love it" lol then I play Everquest for a cople hours. THen I look at camgirls and jack off oooh feel so great lol Well Harry Potter Day is this Friday at the library "cant wait" dude i LOVE harry Potter this will be dope w00t!!!

my boy Thomas "Slim Tom" holla

Monday, May 08, 2006
what up all, today was CRAZY lol well it started when i went to Game Stop, a store that sell video game, and this HOT bitch working at counter. she is like can i help yoo, i said what up baby girl lol she acts nice so i like ok green light means go this bitch is wants me lol so i'm like what new games you got and she is show me stuff at game cube, so anyway i take out my dick and is hard and i put it on her hand i say "suck it yes?" she like oooh and run into back, i just stay in store untill she come back expect to get laid, then police come and takes me at jail. i like what a fuck is this??? ok anyways dad has come get me and i not even no what going on lol now they say like i have to go court, i do not no at sure lol i am going go back and slap that bitch across her face, my boy say I should cast spell of Giant Fire Beetle Eye on her ROFLMAO sike i not do that she is hottt lol

Sunday, May 07, 2006

You are Strong.

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You are cocky, but you do have peoples best interests in mind.

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Friday, May 05, 2006
hey most embarising thing happen at me today lol i can almost not speak of it lol but i was looking on webcams and this hot bitch she look so pretty she show her boobs! i say ohhh i have must jack off at this!! i got my lotion and start to stroke my hard dick it feel great i was so close to sperming when lol my mother walk into my bedroom, no nock on the door just walk in and she see my hard dick lol i scream mother what you do here! she say oooh what you doing, i am feel so ashamed. she make me stop and now my parents are saying i might must go at psychatrist but JUST BECAUSE I JACK OFF? i like what in a fuck i am a grown man of 16. my little brother Furedo keep laugh at me and he say eddie you love to stroke a stroke a you dick no? lol little bros are such ass holes lol!

Thursday, May 04, 2006
Yo what up today me and my boy Thomas was play paint ball lol we got these fat paintbals from Wallmart and they is color red look like bloods lol sooo anyway we was playing "real life" Everquest lol so I shoot Thomas right in face he like oooh dude this hurt so I like ok let take a break, well we walk past Good-Will store and see donations left by door lol so we steal them. my boy find some crazy sweater look like cloth bill crosby would wear on nickatnight lol lol but I find a computer! I like w00t time to hack NASA lol sike but I take it home and we open it up and it look not even like mine. so come to learn comp has a damm 28-8 modem in it, I like what in a fuck am I ahpose to do with this? Thomas was like remember in movie "hackers" they like oh cool you got 28-8 modem, we bag up everry time we think of that I mean for reel you can not hack with 28-8 cant bearly look at webcams with it lol so we bring it back to the Good-Will and we smash it right on their side walk lol it was so funny it was like CRASH and this old dude run out of store like what you kids do out here and I start to run and Thomas shoot old dude in face with paint ball, I laugh so hard I piss in my khakis lol no joke lol lol oh dammmm

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

you mite fine this hard to believe but /me has EVERY i do mean every lol episode of FACTS OF LIFE on video vhs lol. me and my boy jokes at one another he say i jack off to Mrs garison i say screw joo that is why you jack off to nataley lol. anyways funnyst thing happens today speeking of jacking off lol i gots my #1 first job ever!!! I got working paper and am redy to get $paid$ lol. So i got a job at MCdonalds lol not bad for #1 job ok? i am in charge of cooking french frys not too bad. well this hottt bitch from school sara drake comes in she look FINE dammm ok she order and want french fry and appley pie. soooo lol i make her specil order, i jack off into my hand and insted putting salt on her frys i put my sperms lol lol, so i think she laugh and give her the ordr she says EWWW WHAT THIS STUFF and show maneger. i like chill baby-girl it just sperms ahhh so I get fired on #1 day. oh well ROFL hey at least she see my sperm lol, only problem is how am i going to pay for Everquest this month lol.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
what up to all in computer land lol well today was not my best day lol. I am transfered to a new school of corse as you may no this well I just start new schedole. In my #1 class is science my #3 best subject of corse #1 is computers and #2 is gym lol well I am think day will be breeze, maybe I do some expearamints maybe steel some platonium lol sike anyway I in class and he say intro duce self to class so I like ok I am Eddie I love computers, working out, practicing safe sex stuff like this lol. Mr Krajewski the science teacher say you got a nickname I say yes call me the Lone Ranger lol I think class laugh but they start calling me bitch ranger, ahhh well. Then later I in gym and we do pull ups and alls cool, well we have a shower with other dudes I like whaaaat, ok but cool thing is girls in gym to! so as we are going to locker room this is for reel dudes this one HOT bitch take her shirt off right in hall way and I see her tits PLUS nipples, it was SO fly lol anyway in shower I have huge hard dick and I not even think I guess I rub my hard dick and these ass holes are say ooh you like our dicks, you gay? I like fuck joo I think of tits and one dude shove his finger into my ass I like DUDE NO. what I suposed to do on this now? beside this I love new school, HOT bitches lots lol!!!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006
What up everybody This is Eddie "the man" lol. My full name is Dekuku Pusushirikukeru but my nick name is Buff Daddy becuse i lift waits and I love the hip hop and rap, stuff like eminim, jay Z, pink, puff daddy, all that stuff lol, I rap too I write rhymes and do the beat box lol I am just move to my new home in Pennslyvania USA and we get new computer so I glad to be back on line lol, well a little about /me lol (IRC talk) I just move from Florida where I live for 8 month. I born in Japan but been in USA 2 year now "love it" lol. My father work with computer, he know everything on them, I love Linux, which is an op-sys lol, I hack some mostly on aol and I can hack in html to. I love role playing games like Everquest (best game of all times) and Warcraft!!! I love bitches so much,, I love pussy!!!! lol no affense to the ladies but I just love pussy, I have a webcam on this new comp so you will be see my pix a lot lol. well I start school Friday and am go to try get a job soon and get som pussy soon lol hey write to me if you like

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dude I hacked into this video game Zero Wing and made this lol